Designing and making from her home studio based in the Midlands, Azra Bano draws inspiration from her surroundings to patterns from around the world.

' I do not limit myself to looking for inspiration in a certain area of interest, I can equally be inspired by a piece of architecture or a seed pod.'

All prints are first sketched and then turned into hand drawn positives before being exposed on to a screen ready for printing, every colour that is printed requiring a separate screen.

Using environmentally friendly inks that are solvent free and Soil Association Approved, each piece is then hand printed on to sought out high quality fabrics in carefully selected colour combinations mixed in the studio.

Azra Bano strives to create quality items that have an obvious hand designed and printed look, this means that no two items are ever the same due to the fact that she does not feel the need to register prints perfectly, which can at times mean slight overlapping of colours adding character and uniqueness to every piece and setting them aside from those digitally printed.